QuantLayer is a Boston-based software development consultancy
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Amplify Your Team

Our expertise in Ember.js, Rails, and Elixir/Phoenix allows us to amplify your tech team's output. Whether you need your API's speed boosted or your test coverage and code quality improved, let our team help yours.

New Product Development

We build fast so you can get to market quickly. We build well so you can keep growing when you get there.

Tech Strategy and Training

Our experience teaching software development and expertise in multiple languages and frameworks allows us to help you choose the right technology for your project. We’ll help you ramp up quickly.

Our Work

Check out our playbook to see how we run projects.

QuantLayer Filings API


The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) houses a treasure trove of public company filings data. It allows investors, financial journalist and Wall Street analysts to investigate important events at these companies. Our flagship Filings API, built with Ember.js on top of a Phoenix/Elixir backend benefits software engineers by allowing for standardized, effortless and low-latency querying of these valuable filings.

Diff Analyzer

Pre Production

When a public company files with the SEC, investors often want to know how that filing reflects important changes or events at a company that might not be widely disseminated in the market. Our filings analyzer programmatically generates these changes so that portfolio managers, Wall Street analysts and financial journalists can quickly see the differences between two filings, enabling them to understand risks to their portfolios and generate new investment ideas quickly.

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We’ve taught software development, launched our own products and worked at top tier consultancies, so we understand your challenges beyond simply software. Let’s work together.

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